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About Patterns for Decentralised Organising

2017 workshop tour

This year we’re touring the world, meeting with all kinds of groups who are trying to work without hierarchical management structures: co-ops, startups, NGOs, companies, activist networks, etc. We host workshops to share the body of knowledge we’re collecting along the way.

Enspiral: more people working on stuff that matters

Enspiral is a self-organising network of self-organising companies and teams. We support each other to do meaningful work: education, governance, food systems, conscious entrepreneurship, mad science, “stuff that matters”.

We are pragmatic idealists learning how to use our differences as a collective resource. We are focussed on many different projects and we use different language to describe who we are and what we do.

Our shared values mean we prioritise the common good before private gain. We are discovering organisational structures that encourage relationships of respect and equality rather than hierarchy and domination.

Loomio: technology for decentralised organising

Loomio is open source software for small scale digital democracy. There are people all over the world, in groups of 3-300, using it to deliberate and make decisions to organise themselves. Co-ops write their constitution, companies decide on the annual budget and strategy, boards make decisions between meetings, activists coordinate community projects, philanthropists approve funding applications, government officials and experts deliberate with citizens on new policy.

Loomio is built by a worker-owned cooperative in Aotearoa New Zealand, globally respected for our commitment to ethical business and non-hierarchical management.

Try the software:

Read the cooperative handbook:

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