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 +<​blockquote class="​twitter-tweet"><​p lang="​en"​ dir="​ltr">​I know the basics of how to use an oscilloscope but I want more delicious knowledge. Does anyone have any good articles, fun tutorials, top tips or weird art hacks to share with me? <a href="​https://​​YV14sS4o15">​​YV14sS4o15</​a></​p>&​mdash;​ Helen Leigh ⚡ (@helenleigh) <a href="​https://​​helenleigh/​status/​1238107795095945216?​ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">​March 12, 2020</​a></​blockquote>​ <script async src="​https://​​widgets.js"​ charset="​utf-8"></​script>​
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