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Recursive examples

From Al Sweigart's list of recursive programming problems.

  1. ALL FRACTALS (Sierpinski Triangle/Square, Koch Snowflake, Trees, Ferns, Hilbert Curve, etc.)
  2. fibonacci
  3. factorial
  4. GCD
  5. collatz sequence
  6. towers of hanoi
  7. eight queens problem
  8. hadamard matrix
  9. flood fill
  10. palindrome detection
  11. binary search
  12. reversing a string/linked list
  13. sum/multiply the numbers in a list
  14. sum the digits of a number
  15. binary tree traversal
  16. maze backtracking
  17. permutations
  18. combinations
  19. all subsets of a set
  20. quick sort
  21. merge sort
  22. boggle
  23. adding a child to a binary tree
  24. validating a binary tree
  25. making change with coins of various denominations
  26. find out if two nodes are connected in a graph
  27. editing distance/levenshtein distance
  28. knapsack problem (where items have value and size/weight)
  29. word ladders (least > last > lost > cost > coast > cast > cask > mask > mast > most)
  30. file system directory traversal
  31. number of paths through an N x N grid
  32. how many ways to go up N steps if you can go 1, 2, and/or 3 steps at a time
  33. find a magic index in a distinct (also, not distinct) sorted array, a magic index is i where A[i] == i
  34. get the highest stack of boxes from a set of boxes with widths/depths/heights and each box's width & depth must be equal/smaller than the one below it
  35. Newton's square root method
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