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 ==== Fluent Python (O’Reilly),​ 2015 ==== ==== Fluent Python (O’Reilly),​ 2015 ====
-I wrote [[https://​​Fluent-Python-Concise-Effective-Programming/​dp/​1491946008|Fluent Python]] in English, but it has since been translated to Chinese (simplified and traditional),​ Russian, Japanese, Polish, Korean, and Portuguese. As of May 2018, Fluent Python has sold more than 40.000 copies in English (print and e-book), and generated more than USD $1,000,000 in revenue for O’Reilly across all channels, including Safari Books. Fluent Python ​has an aggregate rating of 4.6 stars at, with 86% of reviewers ​giving it 5 stars. Please read some of the [[https://​​2z0kb8treader ​reviews]] at Amazon.+I wrote //[[https://​​Fluent-Python-Concise-Effective-Programming/​dp/​1491946008|Fluent Python]]// in English, but it has since been translated to Chinese (simplified and traditional),​ Russian, Japanese, Polish, Korean, and Portuguese. As of May 2018, //Fluent Python// has sold more than 40.000 copies in English (print and e-book), and has an aggregate rating of 4.6 stars at, with 86% of readers ​giving it 5 stars. Please read some of the [[https://​​2z0kb8t|reader ​reviews]] at Amazon.
 ==== From ISIS to CouchDB: Databases and Data Models for Bibliographic Records, 2011 ==== ==== From ISIS to CouchDB: Databases and Data Models for Bibliographic Records, 2011 ====
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   * //Learn Functional Programming with Elixir// (Ulisses Almeida — Pragmatic Bookshelf)   * //Learn Functional Programming with Elixir// (Ulisses Almeida — Pragmatic Bookshelf)
 +===== Education =====
 +==== Library and Information Sciences, Universidade de São Paulo, 2011 ====
 +I am a self-taught software developer and teacher. After more than 20 years of professional experience, I wanted to learn the theory behind usability research and information architecture,​ and that’s why I got the LIS degree — in Brazil, that is the only degree that covers user studies, the foundation for the user-centered design of interfaces and information spaces. My graduation thesis was about semi-structured document databases (see //​[[#​from_isis_to_couchdbdatabases_and_data_models_for_bibliographic_records_2011|From ISIS to CouchDB]]//,​ above).
 +===== Awards and Acknowledgements =====
 +==== Community Award / TDC Rock Star, 2018 ====
 +The //TDC Rock Star// award is given to speakers and track organizers at //​[[http://​​tdc/​2018/​index.html|The Developers Conference]]//​ — the largest conference for software developers in Brazil — in recognition to outstanding community leadership, conference track curation, and technical communication.
 +==== Fellowship / Python Software Foundation, 2012 ====
 +The title of PSF Fellow is awarded to persons who served the Python community through extraordinary efforts in organizing Python events, publicly promoting Python, and teaching and coordinating others.
 +==== Community Award / Dorneles Tremea Memorial Award, 2011 ====
 +The Dorneles Tremea award is given in memory of a co-founder and late president of the Brazilian Python Association (APyB), in recognition to outstanding services for the Python Community in Brazil.
 +===== Community Building =====
 +==== Presenting at conferences,​ 1991-present ====
 +I’ve been a very active speaker, tutorial instructor, track organizer, and attendee at conferences and meetups for 27 years, with very high ratings and repeated invitations from organizers, sometimes for multiple talks or tutorials at the same conference. Most of my slide decks are at [[https://​​ramalho|​ramalho]].
 +Some conferences I’ve presented at:
 +  * OSCON, multiple cities, US
 +  * OSCON Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands
 +  * PyCon US, multiple cities, US
 +  * PythonBrasil,​ multiple cities, Brazil
 +  * GopherCon Brasil, Florianópolis,​ Brazil
 +  * PyBay, San Franciso, US
 +  * The Developers Conference, multiple cities, Brazil
 +  * FISL (Fórum Internacional do Software Livre), Porto Alegre, Brazil
 +  * QCon São Paulo, Brazil
 +  * Encontro Nacional de Software Libre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
 +  * PyCaribbean,​ Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
 +I’ve also presented live Webinars with hundreds of attendees online:
 +  * ACM Learning Webinar — [[https://​​webinars/​generators|Generators:​ Powering Iteration in Python]]
 +  * JetBrains Webinar — [[https://​​watch?​v=NeeO14QBW-s|Set Theory and Practice: Grok Pythonic Collection Types]]
 +==== Co-founder / Garoa Hacker Clube, 2010-present ====
 +I am a co-founder and event organizer at [[https://​​|Garoa Hacker Clube]], the first hackerspace in Brazil. Garoa is a self-sustaining collective lab, open to all, operated and managed by its members.
 +Among many activities I’ve led there, the Arduino Coding Dojo is a hands-on introduction to hardware programming. We used breadboard circuits in the early dojos, and later a professionally manufactured Arduino add-on, the Garoa Dojo Shield, invented by me. The key achievement of this project is not technological but pedagogical:​ I have successfully tailored activities using the Garoa Dojo Shield to engage very diverse participants,​ from middle-school kids and journalism students with zero programming experience, to Mozilla software engineers. See a [[http://​​jVyhcDPrWsA|short video]] of the Garoa Dojo shield in action.
 +==== Co-founder and President / Python Brasil Association,​ 2007-present ====
 +I am a co-founder and was the first president of the Associação Python Brasil (APyB), a volunteer-run,​ community association created to help organize conferences,​ meetups, and workshops for the Python community in Brazil. I am currently a member of the APyB. Like the PSF, the APyB supports several initiatives to increase diversity in our community, such as PyLadies, DjangoGirls,​ and AfroPython.
 +==== Social Media ====
 +  * Twitter [[https://​​ramalhoorg|@ramalhoorg]]:​ around 7700 followers, tweets in Portuguese and English about many subjects, including technology. Profile: ​
 +  * Twitter [[https://​​standupdev|@standupdev]]:​ around 370 followers, tweets in English only about technology subjects.
 +  * Github [[https://​​ramalho|@ramalho]]:​ around 1600 followers, more than 100 public repos, mostly demos and teaching examples, across more than 12 organizations.
 +  * Personal blog/wiki [[https://​​|in English]] (you are reading it now!)
 +  * Personal blog/wiki [[https://​​|in Portuguese]].
 +===== Skills & Abilities =====
 +==== Spoken Languages (CEFR levels) ====
 +  * Portuguese (native, level C2)
 +  * English (proficient,​ level C1)
 +  * Spanish (intermediate,​ level B1 at Instituto Cervantes; I am willing to become proficient)
 +  * German (level A1 at Goethe-Institut years ago; I am willing to become proficient)
 +==== Programming Languages ====
 +  * Python ✦✦✦✦
 +  * Go ✦✦✦
 +  * JavaScript ✦✦✦
 +  * C ✦✦
 +  * C++ ✦✦
 +  * Java ✦✦
 +  * PHP ✦✦
 +  * Elixir ✦✦
 +  * Scheme ✦✦ ​
 +  * C# ✦
 +  * Dart ✦
 +  * Kotlin ✦
 +  * Swift ✦
 +Programming language levels, loosely inspired by **ThoughtWorks** skill ratings:
 +| ✦    | Some theoretical knowledge, little or no practice. Interested in learning more. |
 +| ✦✦ ​  | Practiced developing small projects on my own. More practice needed. |
 +| ✦✦✦ ​ | Experience developing projects. Able to teach and present to the public. |
 +| ✦✦✦✦ | Recognized authority. Created content reaching thousands of viewers/​readers. |
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