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-====== Stand-up Developer Wiki ======+====== ​The Stand-up Developer Wiki ======
-This the personal wiki of [[Luciano Ramalho]], stand-up programmer.+This the personal wiki of [[Luciano Ramalho]], stand-up programmer ​and author of [[https://​​2z0kb8t|Fluent Python]].
-I also have a wiki in [[http://​​wiki/​|Brazilian Portuguese]]. Content may or may not be translated from one to the other. ​[[|Terms and conditions may apply]].+Here is my [[resume|résumé]]. Also check my [[​luciano-ramalho|ThoughtWorks profile]].
 This wiki uses [[https://​​dokuwiki|dokuwiki]]. Here's [[Why I picked dokuwiki|why]]. This wiki uses [[https://​​dokuwiki|dokuwiki]]. Here's [[Why I picked dokuwiki|why]].
 +===== Featured pages =====
 +  * [[patterns_for_decentralised_organising|8 Patterns for Decentralised Organising]]
 +  * [[Python tuples are immutable but may change]]
 +  * [[Variable models in Go]]
 +  * [[Go references|Links about Go]]
 +  * [[sets_in_go|Sets in Go]]
 +  * [[Gophercon 2018]]
 +  * [[Osciloscope]]
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