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Why I picked dokuwiki

There are many wiki engines. The most famous is MediaWiki, used by Wikipedia. MediaWiki has lots of features, high performance, high scalability, and a huge community. However, managing a MediaWiki installation is not simple: the content is spread over dozens of MySQL tables, making backup and recovery cumbersome. Also, some updates require lots of manual steps.

In contrast, docuwiki doesn't need a database to work. The pages are stored in plain .txt files, in a sensible directory structure. So it's trivial to backup – I can even do it with git. And it's also simple to write scripts to create or edit pages automatically.

There are other wiki engines that store pages in plain text files. But among the ones I saw, docuwiki is the one that seems to be more widely used and supported. For example, it has lots of traslations, including Brazilian Portuguese, my native language.

After I had made my choice I found a tweet by Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP) which pretty much nailed it:

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